6 Secret Techniques to Improve Hosted PBX Melbourne

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Hosted pbx Melbourne

The following article is about how you can apply these six secret techniques to improve hosted PBX Melbourne. A few years ago, our company had to switch from an analog system to IP phone systems. We’d had the service for about three years and there was a big difference in our call rates. 

As we were switching to IP, we got to know the importance of IP phone numbers and how they could improve our business. We discussed these issues with a great deal of fervour but I’ve now got all the technical details on my computer and it’s time to share them with you.

Call routing The most basic component of Hosted PBX Melbourne is the call routing feature. In the past, IP phones would route calls based on their internal IP address but because of the lack of IP addresses for businesses, call routing is now an IP-based service and used by many companies. Call routing improves the quality of your voice calls and is usually the primary reason why people choose Hosted PBX Melbourne over conventional telephony. 

Hosted PBX Melbourne

Many providers offer different call routing features, which are often selected depending on your specific needs. Some of the common features include round-robin, conference call, automated call distribution and find me follow me call forwarding.

Call transferring & dialling This is a very important feature that most Hosted PBX Melbourne offer. When you’re using Hosted PBX phone numbers, it becomes easy to transfer calls between extensions and to move calls from one extension to another. 

These features improve your productivity because it eliminates the need to type multiple phone numbers and transfer calls. It also makes it easy to manage multiple phone numbers. If you have an IP phone system installed at your place of business, this will be even easier.

Integrated VoIP – To improve business efficiency, all the phone must feature that the organization needs are incorporated with the IP infrastructure. Most Hosted PBX Melbourne solutions include integrated VoIP, which means you can use voice over IP for all your phone calls and other phone services. 

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Hosted pbx Melbourne

By eliminating long-distance and international fees, you will be able to save lots of money. You will also be able to expand your business since all the phone numbers you have will work in the same way no matter where they are located.

Call Shifting – Another important feature that many Hosted PBX Melbourne solutions offer is call forwarding. Call forwarding allows you to take calls to another extension or number when you aren’t even present at the location where the phone is registered. For example, if you make a call to your office but are out of the country, the call will go through to the number you specify. 

This feature is especially helpful if you have employees that are in different parts of the country and want to make a call from time to time. This will also help you to cover multiple lines when you have multiple extension numbers.

Hosted PBX Melbourne

Automatic Redirection – This is an extremely useful feature that will allow you to redirect all calls to your company’s page. For example, if someone calls your office, but you are abroad, you can redirect them to your company’s website and have them complete the registration process there. This will improve customer convenience by reducing the time they would otherwise spend registering and creating a new account. This also reduces the costs incurred by your business since customers won’t be distracted while they are trying to register.

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