Melbourne Airport Parking Rates Tips You Need to Learn Now

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Melbourne airport parking rates

What are the various ways of Melbourne airport parking rates?

There are plenty of different parking choices for Melbourne airport parking rates that suit a variety of needs and costs.

  1. Budget parking services
  2. Convenient parking services
  3. Parking Valet
  4. Premium parking systems

All expenses are estimated and subject to adjustment. These prices were taken based on early online booking, with July and August forecasts being taken.

Melbourne Airport budget parking

At Melbourne Airport, worth parking requires parking further away from the terminals. These lots provide free shuttle services that serve 24/7 routes to and from the terminals.

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Melbourne airport parking rates

How much does it usually pay for budget parking?

Per day: $24/$25

What are these pros?

  1. Affordable.
  2. You are linked to the terminals by a free shuttle service
  3. This operates 24/7 and comes every 5 minutes
  4. Access disabled
  5. Secure, safe parking for your car
Melbourne Airport Parking Rates

Parking at Valet Melbourne Airport

At Melbourne airport parking rates, valet services are also available. The Melbourne Airport Valet and the Virgin Australia Luxury Valet are two separate valet systems at this airport.

How is it working?

Essentially, if you use the valet option, as soon as you get to the airport, you can hand your car over, and the valet will take it and park it for you. You may not have to book in advance and turn up and use the day-of-service, but if you do not pre-book, there might be more of a wait.

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