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glass pool fencing melbourne

Glass pool fencing is often overlooked and dismissed by homeowners, but when installed properly, can be a very strong and sturdy alternative to more traditional types of fencing. This is why the use of glass pool fencing Melbourne is becoming increasingly popular among people who want to add an extra layer of security to their swimming pools.

Glass Pool Fencing

The reason that these Glass Pool Fencing are so popular is because of their strength and durability

Glass is naturally stronger than metal, and the glass panels have the same strength as Grade A glass, which is the highest quality available. That is why most glass fencing, regardless of how cheap it might look, is made of Grade A 12 gauge toughened glass in 1000mm thick panels.

The aim of the glass fence is to offer the most durable frameless Glass Pool Fencing Victoria has to offer at the lowest possible prices, while still providing the security of glass. There are two major types of glass fence which will be used for pool fencing in the UK and Australia, and these are clear glass and tinted glass.


glass pool fencing melbourne

Clear glass is usually used on Glass Pool Fencing in large patios and deck areas, and on larger patios in private residences. This type of glass is very strong and tough, but still provides some degree of privacy and can be viewed from the ground if needed.

Tinted glass is mostly used on Glass Pool Fencing in public areas such as beaches and parks. It is a much softer material than clear glass and is more flexible and resilient. The main advantage of tinted glass is that you can see through the glass to provide you with increased security. There are also the added benefits of privacy and reduced visibility from outside.

Glass Pool Fencing

The cost of glass pool fencing in Australia is generally quite reasonable, and there are many companies which produce the glass panels and supply them to the public. You can often buy the glass panels from a supplier, who will install them for you, and then return them with the installation completed. This gives you the flexibility of selecting the style of glass panel that suits your specific needs. You will also find that some suppliers will provide installation assistance should you need it.

As previously stated, glass pool fencing in Melbourne is becoming more popular due to the increased value for money that you get when you choose to go with a metal frame rather than a metal and glass unit. However, the beauty of the glass option is also important for many people. The clear and tinted glass units offer an extra degree of visibility, which is useful if you are in a private residence or perhaps a garden pool deck area which will not be fenced off from view.

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